I started this wild adventure back in 2009 but my interest in t-shirt screen print goes back much farther.  I worked for a local screen printing company during my college years in the summers of 2002-2003-2004.  The crew I was part of would travel around the country to motorcycle races selling events t-shirts and what a fantastic opportunity it was.  I met tons of awesome people and traveled through some incredible places along the way.  While working there I wasn't involved in the actual screen print process, but I was always intrigued by it.  The artwork, the film output, the screen prep, and the machines that printed the shirts so nicely.  How fast and accurate their machines made the prints was fascinating to me.  Then as the shirts come out of the dryer you have a finished product ready to wear.

I loved it!

Joey  &  Kristy


     However what I enjoyed the most about watching the process was that you saw the artist start with a blank computer screen, and shortly thereafter you were able to hold a completely printed ready-to-wear t-shirt in your hands.  That is what draws me to this industry.  I really enjoy the total creation of the process; to see an order through from start to finish.



Trial by fire......  I started my own screen printing company in 2009 with very humble beginnings.  I bought my first manual screen printing press that was likely built in the 1980's from a family friend who was retiring.  The equipment was relatively cheap and took up very little space, so why not, right?  But, being self-taught, mainly from YouTube videos and a couple local friends and my ink supplier Brian, I was totally learning on the fly.  I did very little advertising because even though I had seen and understood the screen printing process, I had never physically done it with my own hands.  Because I enjoyed it though, I was a pretty quick study and as word spread though over the next few years, business began to pick up rapidly.  

      2013-2014 was a life changing span.  I met my wife Kristy in late 2013, business had been growing to the point where an investment into upgraded equipment was very necessary. So, I bought a brand new manual new press, flash dryer, and an upgraded conveyor dryer, and it was off to the races.  The new press was a welcomed addition to the process.  Still the same amount of work, just must faster and a much much cleaner print.  Kristy's help along the way was an incredibly welcomed change as well.   Since 2014 we have worked together with so many different incredible people, school teachers, benefits organizers, sports teams, community members, and much more to grown our business even further.

However, early 2020 brought about our most exciting addition to date.  We made the necessary upgrade that would allow us to take our business to even the next level.  We purchased commercial automatic screen printing press.  We now have the capability to print as many as 400 shirts per hour!  using the word "excited" would be hugely understating our outlook on the future of our business.

We are thrilled with the prospect of where our business is going and are wildly thankful to each and every one of our incredible customers who we have had the pleasure to work with along the way.



 We hope the next 10 years will be as enjoyable as the last 10

So, to all of you who we have worked with in the past

THANK YOU!  -  Joey & Kristy